Our first month of homeschooling

Our first month of homeschooling. Yes, we survived!

Since we are trying to reconnect to our son, we had a getting to know you experience on our first week and it was very hard. Explaining our family situations in order for us to be together. There are weeks that we had a marvellous days, and weeks that we did not shed tears on our worksheet. I can hear daily rants and experienced a lot of tantrums but; all we need to do is to have patience. We came to understand that our son was caught up in a terrible whirl of emotions and was trying his best. There are days that I was so impatient, stressed, because we are delayed from our lesson, because he was so slow with some worksheets and understanding math rules, and from the trials and errors that we did in order for us to know his learning methods. One day I got pissed off on his rants and asked him “do you not enjoy what we are doing?”. Then he replied, “mama I am happy I just need time to get used on our activities”. Then I smiled. We may have lots of drama, tedious work of preparation but believe me when I say it’s all worth it. I was able to know my son likes and dislikes. Methods of learning and most of all we are having a strong bond. Learning by his side is one of the greatest achievement a parent would want to do. We were able to assist him on his challenges like; on his math problems.

The lesson I learned on our first month experience was:

Find a homeschool community group – this will help a lot on your adjustment period.You will be able to meet homeschooling families that will give advise and support. Field trips, activities and plan a science project/experiment with a group.

Do not worry too much! It’s ok to go on behind schedule, and you are not following your planned schedule. Whats important is your child to learn. Along the way he will change and develop his study habits.

Find homeschooling moms to hang out with – moms love to share their experiences and advices. Your child will also have playdates as well.

Plan fun activities at least once a week – I believe this will help him develop his skills.

Buy notebooks, pencils, markers, colouring supplies – my son hates writing and colouring. I notice that when I started filling up my drawers with these supplies and ask him to paste the activity at his notebook and asked to keep his notes clean. He started to love writing on his notebook.

My son’s favourite subjects are Science and English where I always skip our lesson and focus on his difficulties like Math and Humanities. In his Humanities subject he hates reading lot of pages. What I did was I prepared a keynote presentation to let him understand our topic and let him do some activity on his notebook. After that, I will give him a short quiz about the topic in order for me to check if he understood our lesson.

When our topic was about the globe and map I tried following:


Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

Below are the powerpoint I prepared and research:

globe and map

Climate and TemperatureHUMANITIES TERM 1globe and map

Below are the quizzes and seat work I prepared for him  :

HUMANITIES TERM 1 (this topic was all about Map, Climate, Temperature and seat work  is Physical and Geographical characteristics of the Philippines)



Homeschooling in Singapore

For a few years, our son was left under the supervision of my mother in the Philippines.  My husband and I are immigrant workers in Singapore who left our country in search of a greener pasture. We are very grateful that we are able to live and find stable jobs in Singapore,  which became our second home.  March 2016 was my last day as a corporate slave and now I am a full time mom, homeschooling our son here in Singapore.

We are on our 22nd day of our homeschooling journey.  Our family had a dream of living together as a family and not leaving someone behind.  We also aimed to buy the time we lost with our son.  We believe one of the benefits of homeschooling  is to bond time with our children, and pass the values we want them to learn.

My first week was horrible. I  received daily ranting  from our son on why does his regular activities must be totally change. From a boy who was always alone in his room playing lego, watching you tube  after his regular school day, and unlimited used of gadgets, to a  discipline boy who listen  and follow instuctions from elders, and to help us from the routine household chores.

We parents have to extend our patience to understand and listen on our children feelings. He was in his adjustment period, from regular school, a brat grand son, to slowly  following my instructions. I slowly limit the use of his gadget,  as per advise from his pedia in Philippines to slowlys take it out  because our son was having a youtube addiction. I wasn’t able to follow our planned schedule and was behind our syllabus which make me feel exhausted which is  normal.  I may be behind a little on our class schedule but I am happy to see his improvements.

— before we used to have a drama session on begging him to drink and not to vomit  his medicine.

Now I am proud to tell  his previous care takers and guardian  that he had change his bad attitude. He now drink his medicine with out forcing him to swallow and vomiting dramas.

— before he stay inside the bedroom with aircon-on the whole day.

Now we are proud to say that he listened on our instruction that we are living overseas and everything are expensive. Our resources are very limited and living in a single income. He was listening to our favour as we explained to him our reason.

We had notice big improvement and we are very happy that we are into homeschooling.

On the 2nd week I am feeling crappy on our homeschool activities and this is normal 😊.  I don’t like to hear my son complaining about his work or school activities. I don’t like to see that we are behind on our schedule and I don’t love when I cannot keep our house clean, that I also don’t have time for myself or  forget to take our dinner out of the freezer because I was too busy teaching or doing a research for tommorrows lesson plan but on the bright side we are very grateful to be part of the  Singapore Homeschooling group for I was able to meet some homeschooling parents to share our ups and down and be part of their homeschooling activities.

below is the link of the group we joined and help us overcome  our struggles.


and some photos we had on our early stage of homeschooling activities .

Andrae enjoying interactive game for skeletal system.

Andrae learning to cook corned beef for breakfast
discover Singapore nature parks

Visita Iglesia in Singapore

The definition of Holy week from : 

Holy Week is the week preceding Easter and the final week of Lent. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday and ends with Holy Saturday, the day before Easter Sunday. Holy Week includes Holy Thursday (also known as Maundy Thursday) and Good Friday, which, together with Holy Saturday, are known as the Triduum.

Visita Iglesia has been a tradition to Catholic Filipinos to visit 7 churches before the eve of Good Friday or on the evening of Holy Thursday after the mass of the Last Supper and Washing of the feet. The Blessed Sacrament are exposed, designed and decorated. 

There are 14 stations to comemorate the Passion of Christ. This is the solemn and sorrowful. Then  we repent and anticipate the Easter Sunday to give new life to those who believe.The people who are  doing the pilgrimage should pray and adore the Blessed Sacrament and chant two stations in each church.  

Our route is below: 

we met  at the Church of Christ the King in Ang mo kio then we attended the 11am tagalog mass at SVDP. 

1.Church of Christ the King

2.Church of Saint Vincent de Paul

3.Saint Anne’s Church

4.Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

5.Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

6.Church of the Risen Christ

7.Church of the Holy Spirit


1.Church of Christ the King ( 569809 ) >> board Bus 50 at bus stop 54311 Block 332 (to Church #2)

2.Church of Saint Vincent de Paul ( 805910 ) >> board Bus 50 at bus stop 67079 SVDP (to Church #3 | 16 stops)

3.Saint Anne’s Church ( 548593 ) >> board Bus 136 at bus stop 67111 St Anne’s Wood (to Church #4 | 7 stops)

4.Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary ( 534795 ) >> board Bus 136 at bus stop 64059 Blk 355 (to Church #5 | 9 stops)

5.Immaculate Heart of Mary Church ( 549115 ) >> board Bus 153 at bus stop 63019 Seranggon Shop Centre (to Church #6 | 12 stops) LONG WALK

6.Church of the Risen Christ ( 319193 ) >> board Bus 163 at bus stop 52261 S11 Food Alley (to Church #7 | 10 Stops)

7.Church of the Holy Spirit ( 574371 )

After that we ate at Crispy Prata.

Our Photos on our Pilgrim 😊… 


Why do we have money problems?

1. Lack of Knowledge

I strongly believe that POVERTY is not the issue, but the stubbornness to learn is.  We knew that how to handle money was never taught at school but thru life experiences.I heard lots of stories about people who came from nothing and was able to win the game of life. So I told myself if they  can do it, so can I. All I need to do is to understand how money really works. April 2009 when I started to feel uncomfortable with our situation. Supporting my aging parents and starting my own family  really  urged me to the edge that we must do some changes. I had been seeking advice on what to do, did some research and listened to different money stories.  Most of their answers were to get insurance for protection so whatever happens your love ones will have something to sustain.  That is how our financial journey begun. I remember when I was young, Ernie Baron (a filipino broadcaster) used to say “kung wala KNOWLEDGE,wala POWER “(If there is no KNOWLEDGE,there will be no POWER), so make time for self improvement and changes. 

2. Lack of Action

There are people who have the knowledge, unfortunately they do nothing.  One great example of this is when we buy a pack of cigarettes you see a warning below saying “GOVERNMENT WARNING: Smoking is dangerous to your health”.  We can consider this sign as KNOWLEDGE.  But still there are people who buy and use them.  Why?  Simply because they lack POWER; or the discipline to do what is right.  It is like saying that you want to become rich in the future, or that you want to have a house of your own in 5 years.  What did you do to achieve those goals?  Did you save up for those goals?  

3. Lack of Consistency

According to John C. Maxwell “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found on your daily routine”. So we have learned  about knowledge and action.Now it is time for us to do the action with consistency.Do not be torn  when you hear the four letter word “SALE“. Remember your priorities. Change your money mindset.  Be persistent to achieve your goal and do not spend your savings in one snap, bear in your mind that it took you so long to save that amount so plan  your spendings well. Have a budget and allocate it well. By persistently doing this I surely believe that you will be able to achieve your goals. 

CRIS @ seven DIY Ninjago Birthday theme party 

Last year we made a fun frugal version of our do-it- yourself version of Ninjago  birthday celebration . The basic colours  was yellow,red, blue and green

It was a challenging task for OFW (overseas filipino worker) parents like us. Preparing  far away from home. Scouted suppliers thru online deals like SULIT.COM and  communicate thru email and FACEBOOK chat. 

I was inspired from this :

http://craft-interrupted.blogspot.sgq=headbands http://seshalynspartyideas.com/ninjago-birthday-party-ideas-free-ninjago-party-http://craft-interrupted.blogspot

below are my version l 





























711-32-22 / 731-54-72/510-1100



PARTY PROVIDER: ginapagal@yahoo.com 

Contact numbers:4009772/09228336813/093286367378

ordered  50 balunderitas, 1pilar standee5ft,1 cake ark, 5pcs center table and clown for hosting.

Couple Money Mistakes

Once in our married life, Ivan and I became strangers to each other due to LDR (long distance relationship).We had built our dream on separate ways.  Both had a good intentions. Unfortunately, we noticed that it took us too long to see improvements on the said goals.

So we did a heart to heart conversation and admitted our money mistake. From there, we realised that as a couple we have to go and have a tracking system in order for us to have a clearer vision and definitieve actions to achieve those goals.

We know that to get out of the race to poverty both of us have to learn how to save and spend the right way. So we questioned our spending habits in order for us to understand our differences and resolve our financial conflicts.

According to http://extension.usu.edu/files/publications/publication/pub__8433646.pdf

They say that “how you spend your money depends on how you feel about money. “

Some people see money as power. To others it represents status and prestige. To some it means security. Some people use money to get the things they want in life. Others just want enough to pay for the day-to-day needs.

We have to go to back and determine the common types of spending which are ‘needs’ and ‘wants’. Where NEEDS  are the expenses for our necessities and priorities, and  WANTS is our desire to have and be happy.

With this we realised the importance of having a spreadsheet where we were able to track our finances. We have a clearer vision on our goal whether it is short term, medium term or long term. Because of this, we were made aware of our expenses as we prioritise needs over our wants.

It is ok to spend for our wants once in a while as long as it is within our budget.  We just have to allocate our budget well and spend with the approval of everyone.

We had decided to talk frequently and be open without secrets.

Quarterly we set a date on our own nest to to have a serious fun conversation. Ivan suggested that we should have a good presentation for us to have fun on monitoring.